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Pure Cloud Block Store No License Mode

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This document applies to Pure Cloud Block Store on Azure and AWS above version +6.1.10

This document walks through No License Mode for Pure Cloud Block Store on AWS and Pure Cloud Block Store on Azure.


From purity version 6.1.10, Cloud Block Store (CBS) introduces no license mode / free trial license which allows the customer to deploy a fully-featured CBS array and test it for hands-on experience or POC purposes. It gives the customer a limited trial period of 45 days, after which the customer can either decommission the array or contact Pure sales for assistance on the next steps after the trial. See section below. 

The array shows the expiration time of the free trial as an alert-info banner on the GUI/CLI (See section below). At the end of the trial -- 7 days prior to the expiration date, the array sends an alert states that the CBS expires soon (Alert 215). This will not impact performance, or limit the functionalities, or impact data access. However, once the trial expires, the array will be set to read-only mode. Customers won't be able to write to CBS anymore. 

During the trial period, be aware of the following: 

  • Infrastructure cost charges of the underlying resources still apply for the deployed Cloud Block Store.
  • It is NOT possible to convert a trial CBS array to a production array. 
  • Pure is unable to provide support for Purity software upgrade(NDU).
  • All Cloud Block Store features-set are enabled.
  • Customers won't have access to or be able to manage through Pure1 manage. 

How to Deploy "No License" CBS? 

The instructions of deploying Cloud Block Store with "No License Mode" in AWS and Azure is similar to deploying it in the full License mode. The only difference is to enter the generic trial license in the required license key field.

The "No License Mode" license key is: "CBS-TRIAL-LICENSE"

For example, In the AWS console, follow the instruction provided in this section on the deployment guide then during filling the required fields add the license. 


Same on Azure, follow the instruction in the deploying CBS section. Access the Azure Marketplace, and select Pure Cloud Block Store (Product Deployment)


Then add the license to the License Key box. 


If more automated deployment is required,  you can leverage the CBS Terraform provider to deploy CBS in both AWS and Azure and add the license key in the terrafom.tfvars file (as shown below). For more information follow the deployment KB for both AWS and Azure


How to Check the Expiration Time? 

During the 45 days trial, It is important to know how much time is left for the trial to expire. Therefore, there are two ways to check: 

1. The expiration time appears on top of the main Dashboard tab in the CBS GUI console.


2. Also, The expiration time banner can be check by accessing the CBS via a CLI shell session.

What to Do When the License Expires? 

Once the license expires, the customer is advised to reach Pure sale to get them enrolled and onboard them as Pure customers. 

  1. Go to the Pure Storage website, and click on Get Price, Fill the form, and Pure sales will reach out to fulfill the request. 


  1. If you are a Pure customer, contact your account team, or use Pure1 manage to request quota and obtain a license. See Procure a License
  2. You can get your license via the Marketplace of your cloud of choice (AWS Marketplace, Azure Marketplace). 

For more information or additional help on how/what to do next after the trial expires, reach out to