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How to Check Instance Availability Required for Pure Cloud Block Store Deployment

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Cloud Block Store on AWS and on Azure is utilizing a range of services and instances. Generally, not all instances types can be available in all the regions, This might be due to the limited number of instances, or it might be available upon customer request. As CBS platform is built on the certain instance that has been designed, tested, and selected carefully to provide the capabilities and performance that can be leveraged. 

We aim to keep the tables on Regions Support up to date. However, it is recommended to check the availability of the instance in the selected region before deploying. 

Check AWS Resources 

Instance Type 

In a Terminal, Install and configure AWS CLI, then execute the command: 

For v20 Model: c5n.18xlarge

For v10 Model: c5n.9xlarge

aws ec2 describe-instance-type-offerings \
--filters Name=instance-type,Values=<instance_type> \
--query "InstanceTypeOfferings[].InstanceType" \
--region <region-name>

Alternatively, use AWS CloudShell, see the example below:


Check Azure Resources

Instance and Disk Types

In Azure Console, open Cloud Shell, choose PowerShell, provide the selected region and CBS model, and execute the below one-liner script:

$region = "centralus" # change the region
$cbsModel = "v20" # choose v10 or v20

$vmSize = ($cbsModel -eq "v20")? "Standard_D64s_v3" : "Standard_D32s_v3";$sku = Get-AzComputeResourceSku | where {$_.Locations  -contains $region -and $_.Name -eq $vmSize};$skuZones = $sku.LocationInfo[0].zones;$diskSupport = ($cbsModel -eq "v20") ? (Get-AzComputeResourceSku | where {$_.ResourceType -eq 'disks'-and $_.LocationInfo[0].Location -eq $region  -and $_.Name -eq 'Premiumv2_LRS'}) : ($sku.LocationInfo[0].ZoneDetails);$diskZones = ($cbsModel -eq "v20") ? $diskSupport.LocationInfo[0].Zones : $diskSupport.Name;Write-Output "`n`n`n### Checking if the VM Family is available ...";if($sku.LocationInfo[0].zones){Write-host "`n### VM size $vmSize for CBS model $cbsModel is supported in '$region' region in the following availability zones:`n$skuZones " -ForegroundColor Green} Else {Write-Error "Virtual machine size $vmSize  for CBS model $cbsModel is NOT supported in '$region' region"};Write-Output "`n`n`n### Checking if the Disks Type for CBS model $cbsModel is available ...";if($diskSupport){Write-Host "### Disk type for CBS model $cbsModel is supported in '$region' region in the following availability zones:`n$($diskZones)" -ForegroundColor green;} Else {Write-Error "Disk type for CBS model $cbsModel is NOT supported within '$region' region`n"}