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Cloud Block Store Health Status Board

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Pure Cloud Block Store is a customer-deployed storage system in the public cloud. Due to the nature of running in a 3rd-party infrastructure, outages and changes can occur outside of the control of Pure Storage and the customer consuming Cloud Block Store. This page is meant to act as a status page for the health indication of the life cycle management of Cloud Block Store.   

While Pure Storage endeavors to coordinate with cloud vendors, pre-test, and ensure reliability/resiliency of the product, undocumented cloud changes and failures can occur without notice.

The life cycle is defined in four (4) parts:

  1. Procurement. This is concerning the health of the cloud marketplaces.
  2. Deployment. This indicates if there are any issues with the deployment process.
  3. Capacity Upgrades. This indicates if there are any issues with capacity upgrade procedures.
  4. Operation. This indicates if there are any issues with general operation of Cloud Block Store. This generally could reflect and outage of cloud resources or misbehaving underlying cloud features required by Cloud Block Store.

The chart is separated in two (2) further parts, one for Azure and one for AWS.

The color coding uses three (3) colors:

  1. Green. No known issues at this time.
  2. Yellow. Either partial failure (certain region/availability zone, or problems that have workarounds)
  3. Red. This represents a full failure with no current workaround.

Current Pure Cloud Block Store Health Status 

  Procurement Deployment Capacity Upgrades Operation HW Replacement Software Upgrade



There is limited availability of the VM SKU for Pure Cloud Block Store on Azure in the South Central region. Currently 1 of 3 zones in it have exhausted the VM capacity and no further deployments are possible in that zone (physical zone 1, note this does not map directly to end user zones.