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Check Azure Quota Limits | Pure CBS on Azure

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Check Azure Resources

Instance Type 

In Azure Console, open Cloud Shell, choose Powershell, and execute the below: 

you would need to edit the script with your region and CBS Model

$region = "westus" # change the region

# Add a new input for CBS model
$cbsModel = Read-Host "Enter CBS Model (V10U, V20U, V20P):"

$vmSize = switch ($cbsModel) {
    "V10U" { "Standard_D64s_v3" }
    "V20U" { "Standard_D64s_v3" }
    "V20P" { "Standard_E32bds_v5" }
    Default { Write-Host "Invalid CBS Model selected."; exit }

$sku = Get-AzComputeResourceSku | Where-Object {$_.Locations -contains $region -and $_.Name -eq $vmSize}
$skuZones = $sku.LocationInfo[0].zones

Write-Output "### Checking if the VM Family is available ..."
if ($sku.LocationInfo[0].zones) {
    Write-Host "### $vmSize is supported in $region region in the following zones $skuZones "
} else {
    Write-Host "$vmSize is NOT supported in $region region"