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AVS and CBS Troubleshooting: Azure Run Command

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Azure VMware Solution (AVS) utilizes Run Commands to execute administrative tasks against the AVS instance.  The standard 'cloudadmin' user given to an AVS Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) lacks many of the traditional VMware administrative rights, so Run Command is the framework that customers can use to make admin-level changes to their AVS instance.  Run Commands are in actuality PowerShell scripts that are separated into discrete libraries for specific functions and purposes for AVS.  For the AVS integration with Pure Cloud Block Store (CBS), we primarily leverage the VMFS Run Command library for VMFS datastore operations.  The AVS Run Command PowerShell scripts have been integrated with the Pure Storage PowerShell SDK into a combined PowerShell module named CBS.AVS.RunCommand.

If the customer's AVS instance is not showing the VMFS Run Command library in the portal, has otherwise not been assigned the appropriate version of the AVS Run Command VMFS library or the Pure Storage AVS and CBS combined module has not been properly loaded, the Run Command scripts may fail.


If the proper AVS Run Command libraries are not available, or the Pure Storage VMware Cloud Manager OVA is too far out of date, that can lead to Run Command script failures and the customer will not be able to make storage-level administrative changes against their AVS and CBS storage instances.  This can potentially lead to outages if datastore capacity is full, lack of an ability to restore to a Pure CBS snapshot, and/or the inability to provision new VMFS volumes.


Confirm AVS VMFS Run Command Library is Present

The first item to check is to confirm that your AVS instance has the correct VMFS Run Command library assigned to it.  AVS Run Command script access can be gated by certain Azure features, which we will also cover in this section.

To check the presence of the correct AVS VMFS Run Command library, navigate to the AVS instance within the Azure portal.  From the menu on the left, select Run Command.  The list of available Run Command libraries will appear.


The version of the Microsoft.AVS.VMFS libraries that may be visible in the customer's AVS instance can vary.  For the AVS and CBS integration, we have hard-coded to only use certain versions of the Microsoft.AVS.VMFS library in order to ensure a consistent feature sent and end-user experience.  As of this writing, the two different versions of the Microsoft.AVS.VMFS library that are supported by the AVS and CBS integration are:  1.0.77-dev and 1.0.109-preview.  If one or both of these versions is missing, that likely can be the root cause of the Pure Storage VMware Cloud Manager OVA not functioning properly.

If none, or incorrect versions of the Microsoft.AVS.VMFS libraries are shown within the Azure portal, the next step is to confirm that the proper Azure Preview feature has been enabled.  These commands can be easily checked and verified by launching a Cloud Shell from the Azure Portal.  To check for feature registration, run the following two command lines from the Azure CLI to confirm that the correct features have been registered against your Azure subscription:

az feature register --subscription {subscription-id} --namespace Microsoft.AVS --name earlyAcccess

az feature register --subscription {subscription-id} --namespace Microsoft.AVS --name scriptingPreview

If the preview feature has been successfully registered, yet the Microsoft.AVS.VMFS libraries are not appearing in the portal, open a support ticket with Microsoft.  You will need to provide your AVS ExpressRoute ID in the ticket and request that the AVS VMFS Run Command libraries are added to your AVS instance.

Review Run Command Run Execution Status for Errors

A useful tool to help determine why failures or other anomalies for Run Command execution attempts are occurring can be found from the AVS instance inside of the Azure portal.  From AVS, navigate to the Run Command menu item on the left.  Once the menu is open, select the Run Command Execution Status tab on the top.  From there, you can review individual Run Command executions and clicking into each of them will show additional level of details around why a failure may have occurred.


You can get more in-depth information around why a failure has occurred via clicking on an execution instance and reviewing the details as shown below.

For the below example, this would need to be resolved by opening a ticket with Azure support for resolution.



Confirm that the Pure Storage VMware Cloud Manager OVA is at the latest version

To do so, login to the ova as the pureuser account and then run puresw list.


If you see an available upgrade, you can upgrade to it via running the puresw upgrade start pure-vmware-cloud-manager command.