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Azure Virtual Machine is "Unavailable" Health Event

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Pure Cloud Block Store Customers in Azure are receiving a huge number of Resource Health Event alerts on the Azure VMs part of the Pure Cloud Block Store deployment.  

The screenshot from the Azure console provided below displays the VM Resource Health of Pure Cloud Block Store ct0 and ct1 VMs, indicating that the VM is unavailable at the moment.

clipboard_e26ed0a410bb92a2f0438ab2c72135810.pngApplies to  

Pure Cloud Block Store array instance running in Azure. 


Microsoft is actively investigating the root cause of the issue. The current findings from the Azure teams identified that the issue is caused due to a recently discovered bug in Canonical / Ubuntu's 6.2 kernel which impacts the Platform ID field passed to Hyper-V host during VM start up. This field is used by the host to determine VM health status. 


No fix is currently available. Even if the VM status shows as “Unavailable”, the VM is up and running and in a healthy state. 

The bug is only present in Canonical / Ubuntu's 6.2 kernel. And a team at Canonical is working on a fix and is expected to be available in the coming weeks. 

Do NOT attempt to redeploy the VM as it will not fix this issue.