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Joint Regional Support Matrix | Azure VMware Solution and Pure CBS

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Azure VMware Solution and Pure Cloud Block Store are supported in many, but not all Azure regions.  Support of both AVS and CBS within the same region and the same availability zone within a region is strongly suggested for deployment to ensure optimal performance between the two solutions.

Pure Cloud Block Store uses two different types of Azure managed disks for persistent storage.  It is recommended to leverage the PremiumSSDv2 SKU of CBS as it is both more performant and cost-effective than the UltraSSD version of the product.  PremiumSSDv2 is continually being added to the regions listed below, so expect this table to be iterated over time.  A 'Yes' in the PremiumSSDv2 column denotes that the PremiumSSDv2 version of the product is available for that regions.  A 'No' means that only the UltraSSD version of Pure Cloud Block Store is available at this time.

Prior to deployment, make sure to consult the below table and confirm that both AVS and CBS are supported in your desired target region.


Region Region Code PremiumSSDv2 Version of Pure Cloud Block Store Available?
(US) Central US centralus  Yes
(US) East US eastus Yes
(US) East US 2 eastus2 Yes
(US) North Central US northcentralus No
(US) South Central US southcentralus Yes
(US) West US westus  No
(US) West US 2 westus2 Yes
(US) West US 3 westus3 Yes
(Canada) Canada Central canadacentral Yes
(Europe) North Europe northeurope  Yes
(Europe) West Europe westeurope  Yes
(Europe) Switzerland North switzerlandnorth Yes
(Europe) UK South uksouth Yes
(Europe) France Central francecentral No
(Europe) Germany West Central germanywestcentral No
(Asia Pacific) Southeast Asia southeastasia Yes
(Asia Pacific) Japan East japaneast Yes
(Asia Pacific) Australia East australiaeast  No
Qatar Central qatarcentral No
South Africa North southafricanorth Yes