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Search Unify FAQ

Search Unify FAQ

How to use SearchUnify? 

1. While in cases you can use the Widget in the bottom right corner of Service Console

2. Just like cases page, you can choose SearchUnify as a tab in Service Console 

SearchUnify Service Console Tab.png
3. You can select SearchUnify Internal VisualForce page in SFDC 

SearchUnify Internal VF .png


How to use SearchUnify outside of Service Console? 

Bookmark the SearchUnify Internal VF page and you can use that page in a separate tab. 

Can I filter before searching? 

Nope, filtering only works after the initial search. 

Do I have other options for refining my search? 

Yes! You can search: 1. With the exact phrase 2. With one or more words 3. Without the words. 

Refine .png

Why does my widget not work? 

Please make sure you are within a case before using the widget. We are adding the option to use the widget in all pages of Service Console as part of phase 2. 


How do I find exact Jira? Ex: ES-58987

Please use double quotes. Ex: "ES-58987" 





For those using Chrome, if you'd like to use SearchUnify from the address bar, please check out the following steps. 

1. Enter in Chrome Search Bar - Chrome://settings
2. Within Search Engine sections - Click Manage Search Engines
3. Click Add - within Other Search Engines
4. Search engine - Enter searchunify
5. Keyword - Enter su
6. Url - Enter - https://purestorage--su-vf-internal....earchString=%s
7. Click Add
8. On a new Tab Enter “su” -  hit tab - type out search query
9. Now Search as you would within SearchUnify