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Pure Technical Services

FTPS for Uploading Files to Pure Storage

LEGACY CONTENT - The information on this page is no longer being updated, available for historical reference only, and should not be shared externally.

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Pure Storage offers an FTPS service for customers who need to upload large files such as logs for Support analysis. Files uploaded to FTPS are accessible for the current month, so if something is uploaded on August 30th, it will no longer be visible on September 1st.  We archive uploads internally for support access on our logging servers. 

If your company requires US Only support, we have a new secure FTP process for uploading files. Please reach out to support and request a secure upload link.

Use Cases

There are going to be certain situations where we will need you to gather a .zip/tar.gz file from the array of the logs and send it to us for analysis. The most common situations for this are as follows: 

  • Customers that do not have phone home enabled, but are willing to send us logs for analysis. 
  • Customers for whom the phone home is not working.
  • Customers sending us log files from third-party vendors for analysis.

Purity Logs 

You can gather the logs from the Pure Storage GUI, Support will guide you on which logs are necessary.

  1. Purity//FA 5.0 +: Click Settings on the left, and you will find the download options in the Pure1 Support section. 
    1. Select the time frame: Today, Last 3 Days, or Last 7 Days
    2. Choose the controller to download from.
  2. Purity//FA Versions Prior to 5.0x: You can find this on System > Configuration > Support Connectivity.
    1. Choose a date range. 
    2. Choose the controller to download from. 

Operating System Logs 

Gathering logs from various Operating Systems are typically handled by the vendor documentation. Support will specify which logs are needed.  

Uploading Files

In order to use our FTPS client, you will need to request the credentials from Pure Storage Support. Once you have your credentials you can upload files using an FTPS client, or our Web UI.

FTPS Client

Files uploaded via an FTPS client can be an unlimited size. For files over 5000 MB, this method is required. You may use FTPS clients like lftp and FileZilla to access the server. Below are examples.

Using lftp (command-line client)

  1. Connect by typing lftp ftps:// <-- You must use ftps:// so lftp uses the correct port and protocol).
  2. debug 3 for greeting and error message.
  3. user <username> <password>.
  4. Uploading a file: 
    1. put <filename>
    2. To continue uploading a file (Resumable Upload) use put -c <filename>.
  5. To download a file use get <filename>.

Using FileZilla

Either specifically use ftps://, or set the port to 990.

Web UI Access

Uploads on the Web UI are limited to 5000MB. Please keep in mind that this uses the HTTPS protocol and not FTPS, so the recommended option for file transfer is the FTPS client method above.

  1. Log in here: to do the following:
    1. To change the password, click User options.
    2. You will have access to view, download, upload, delete, and rename files from the web interface. 
    3. Uploads done via this method are limited to 5000MB. While you can upload via the Web UI, please keep in mind that this uses the HTTPS protocol and not FTPS. So the recommended option for file transfer is the FTPS Client method detailed below.