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How to add an Array to an Organization in Pure1 Cloud (Old Process)

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How to add an Array to an Organization in Pure1 Cloud (Old Process) 

  1. Go to 
  2. Enter the Array name in the search box.
  3. Select the array you want to add by clicking the checkbox next to the product name.
  4. Click on "Assign to Organization".

5a. Search for the organization. 

5b. If the organization not listed, you can create a new ORG by clicking on "New Organization". 


6. Enter the organization name and select a "Category" from the drop down and "SAVE". 



Updating CloudAssist Dashboard 

Edit section

Instructions on how to update CloudAssist Dashboard information.


  1. Click on the gear icon and select "Show edit controls"

  2. Check the checkbox for the array that you want to make changes to

  3. Select the "Action" that you would like to take.
    Example: "Assign to SE"

  4. Search and Select the User, then hit save.

  5. Update the "Simplified ID" 
    Select the "Action" of "Assign FlashArray" (Yes even for FlashBlade)
    Add the License Size or TBs of the System and hit Save

  6. Update the "Organization" (This is critical or else the array will NOT phone home)
    Select the "Action" of "Assign to organization"  and hit Save

  7. *If there isn't an organization already, you will have to create one*

  8.  Complete!