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Disaster Recovery Built-In. This section includes information on Asynchronous, ActiveCluster, ActiveDR Replication, and Protection Policies.
  • ActiveCluster
    Pure Storage® Purity ActiveCluster is a fully symmetric active-active bidirectional replication solution that provides synchronous replication provides RPO/RTO zero capability at the storage layer. ActiveCluster can be set up within or across multiple sites enabling clustered hosts and applications to be deployed into resilient active-active datacenter configurations.
  • Asynchronous
    Pure Storage provides Asynchronous replication: a license-free, array based, data reduction-aware asynchronous replication solution that’s simple to configure and manage while providing robust capabilities for enterprise workloads. Asynchronous replication is a snapshot-based asynchronous replication solution that leverages space efficient snapshots to replicate point-in-time consistent copies of multiple LUNs.
  • ActiveDR
    ActiveDR delivers continuous, or near synchronous, replication between two FlashArrays within or across disparate data centers. ActiveDR enables a near-zero RPO (Recovery Point Objective) that is much lower than traditional asynchronous replication based on periodic snapshot differencing. A lower RPO means failover to a disaster recovery site will incur only a minimal amount of data loss.
  • CloudSnap
    Pure portable snapshots provide simple, built-in, local and cloud protection for Pure. FlashArrays. Purity Snapshots enable free movement of space-efficient copies between FlashArrays, to FlashBlade, to 3rd party NFS servers, and to the cloud.