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Troubleshooting EUC phonehome issue

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Applies Only to Purity version 6.4.4 and 6.4.5

Arrays running versions 6.4.4 and 6.4.5 are impacted by bug PURE-296865 - Fix pyjwt string encode issue in EUC phonehome which will not properly generate and phone home the utility_billing.json file.


This issue is caused by a problem in the utility_billing.json generation script called

Do NOT upgrade on arrays running 6.4.3 or earlier, the fixed version of the script is not backwards compatible.


In order to remedy this problem the script can be upgraded manually on impacted arrays.

The recovery procedure is as follows:

1. The fixed version of the script i.e. can be found here: /shared_folders/lkarnavat

2. The fixed script must be transferred to both controllers of the impacted arrays using: vats push <array_name>

3. Finally the existing script should be replaced with the fixed version. The path for the live script on FlashArray is


4. Then the script can be replaced on both controllers via:

cp ./ /opt/Purity/bin/

5. The script can be optionally, manually tested for verification by running: 

cat /opt/Purity/bin/

Output should look something like:

{"payload": {"effective_used": 524288000, "total_extents": 500, "legacy_effective_used": -1, "legacy_total_extents": -1, "data_reduction": "4.423111710314124", "array_id": "2343992-172543996-8118763342832017486", "version": "3.1", "product": "FA", "timestamp": "2023-05-24T20:29:23.621304+00:00"}, "signature": "YnaxG_BF7BsdFehp2FZmrE8W0hqhjBqUPnq9AvDZLec-OfITCi8bVIoPi2bewjiy099et5X-z0zXz36_x15DxHgPr6wZeMJFZH8VTEHQFMOhltGpgmxOGE3xlTfPEghO-GNiK4CqLGwzxRGWINhwgMzQWHnbCS57-hr2o7iJZut0n7vB-_KxMIALOEAXoGshRBHtrGnC1nL1bk2b3lI9uZ490CHKTvrwVfOb4mr3bUmx2Xbb4Phyjl7pPbDGtDJfbazrTlPUQBG82Et9n6y3Mas1fmM9dDXIW2MS2nn_LdGzdOwsYG-o9P-qSmvxc_a5z3UkjM8iseR5ku1LEWxTS6uheF4kXysPLUJzu3paXUAmdBvyNzvyradhDGeBC3e4UUdSk35o5AIsRqtoZuBumFxSa7ZUlbaBamSR1Fq0ScPMwo2hqL4jWRitLt0uWbVARfDAvL_ohRCWEQPMOFICKBirwg3ZdtHQ7mbYJKVEDcC28vEb_8uLB_x7uNY1JreaW_MmRovy9aIzXrVy-p__bffK4GKGdQbRi5rLWoFPSu6NcHv5uINtYubKHpGFroQeDv80__-qype4xqS2SYPpybCUH_aTcUJgZBnQ6CnvwMHNaWWR2MGCkYIS2HtyJxHZGXXrVWpHX7uFZfnUOuUqWi0lkmmBqFvLggTpeg6EFKc"}