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Asynchronous Replication (Formerly FlashRecover) Configuration and Best Practice Guides

Asynchronous Replication Configuration and Best Practices are now divided into two guides based on the Purity version the FlashArray is running:

FlashArray Asynchronous replication (formerly FlashRecover replication) is a snapshot-based replication solution that leverages space-efficient snapshots to replicate point-in-time consistent copies of one or more FlashArray volumes.  FlashArray asynchronous replication combines snapshots and replication into a single feature allowing you to create multiple recovery points on the replication target FlashArray.

Each of the linked guides provides an end-to-end walk-through for configuring FlashArray Asynchronous replication and performing data recovery tasks such as failover and failback.  In addition, best practices and important considerations to be aware of are also provided.