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ActiveCluster QOS Interoperability

Introducing QOS Throughput Limit Interoperability with ActiveCluster

Starting with Purity 5.2.0+ per volume QOS can be set on stretched pod volumes.  Administratively there are no changes to the way pod volume QOS is set compared to non-pod volumes.  From the GUI, simply select the volume you wish to set QOS on, define a QOS throughput limit, and you are done.   REST and CLI can also be used to make QOS limits changes to volumes both inside and outside of pods. 


Per volume QOS throughput limits were released in Purity 5.1.0 (May 1 2018)


  • Starting with Purity 5.2.0+, QOS (throughput limiting per volume) can be used on volumes within ActiveCluster pods. 
  • For Purity 5.1.x and earlier QOS for volumes inside ActiveCluster Pods is not supported.
  • QOS throughput limiting is not compatible with volumes connected to the WFS APP or the Linux/Docker APP
  • Prior to 5.1.0 GA QOS throughput limiting is only available with Linux and ESXi hosts.
  • ESXi RDMs are supported only if the guest is Linux. Support for other guests is slated for a future release.
  • QOS throughput limiting is not supported with vVols or FlashArray volume groups (VGs) at this time.

Helpful Commands

purevol list --qos                                                                                  Lists volumes and their current limits
purevol list vol_name --qos                                                                 Lists a single volumes limits
purevol create vol_name --size 1G --bw-limit 500m                            Creates a vol with a limit
purevol setattr --bw-limit 0 vol_name                                                  Removes rate limit 5.0.1
purevol setattr --bw-limit "" vol_name                                                  Removes rate limit from 4.10.8 - 5.0.0
purevol setattr --bw-limit 100M vol_name                                            Set bw limit MB
purevol setattr --bw-limit 100m vol_name                                            Set bw limit Mb
purevol setattr --bw-limit 2G vol_name                                                Set bw limit GB
purevol setattr --bw-limit 2g vol_name                                                 Set bw limit Gb

Feature Description 

Purity Quality of Service provides enables throughput limits to be configured on a per volume or per workload/tenant basis. This is a hard limit which will determine the max performance (as measured by throughput) a given workload can consume before being throttled.

Limits can be used in conjunction with Performance Classes (coming in future versions of Purity) to enable interesting use cases where Service Providers can create a catalog to meet minimums, maximums and bursts.

You can download a PDF version of ActiveCluster with QOS feature overview here: ActiveCluster QOS Support Purity 5.2.pdf