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purevol-setattr, purevol-truncate — increase and decrease volume sizes


purevol setattr --size NEW-SIZE VOL...

purevol truncate --size NEW-SIZE VOL...



Name of the volume object whose size is to be changed.


-h | --help

Can be used with any command or subcommand to display a brief syntax description.


New virtual size for the specified volumes.

Volume Sizes

Volume sizes are specified as an integer, followed by one of the suffix letters K, M, G, T, P, representing KiB, MiB, GiB, TiB, and PiB, respectively, where "Ki" denotes 2^10, "Mi" denotes 2^20, and so on.

Volumes must be between one megabyte and four petabytes in size. If a volume size of less than one megabyte is specified, Purity adjusts the volume size to one megabyte. If a volume size of more than four petabytes is specified, the Purity command fails.

Volume sizes cannot contain digit separators. For example, 1000g is valid, but 1,000g is not.


The purevol setattr command increases volumes' provisioned sizes (virtual sizes as perceived by hosts). The purevol truncate command decreases provisioned volume sizes. Changes in volume size are immediate and always affect the highest-numbered sector addresses.

Changes in volume size are visible to connected hosts immediately. When a volume is truncated, Purity automatically takes an undo snapshot (providing a 24-hour window during which the previous contents can be retrieved).

The size of a truncated volume can be increased by the purevol setattr command, but data in truncated sectors cannot be retrieved. When a volume's size is increased, reading data in the new virtual sector addresses before they are written returns zeros.


  • The purevol setattr command cannot reduce the size of a volume, nor can purevol truncate increase the size of a volume.

  • The size of a volume cannot be reduced to less than one megabyte or increased to more than 4 petabytes. If a --size smaller than one megabyte is specified, Purity changes the volume's size to one megabyte. If a --size greater than 4 petabytes is specified, the command fails.


Example 1

purevol setattr --size 100G VOL1 VOL2

Increases the sizes of VOL1 and VOL2 to 100 gigabytes each. If either volume is larger than 100 gigabytes, an error is logged, and that volume's size does not change.

Example 2

purevol setattr --size 500G VOL2

Increases the size of VOL2 to 500 gigabytes, assuming that the volume's current size is less than that amount.


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