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puresmis, puresmis-enable, puresmis-disable, puresmis-list — manages the Pure Storage Storage Management Initiative Specification (SMI-S) provider


puresmis disable [--slp] [--wbem-https]

puresmis enable [--slp] [--wbem-https]

puresmis list [ --cli | --csv | --nvp ] [--notitle] [--page] [--raw]


-h | --help

Can be used with any command or subcommand to display a brief syntax description.


Enables or disables the Service Location Protocol (SLP) and its ports, TCP 427 and UDP 427.

SLP is optional.


Enables or disables the SMI-S provider and its port, TCP 5989.

Options that control display format:


Displays output in the form of CLI commands that can be issued to reproduce the current configuration. The --cli output is not meaningful when combined with immutable attributes.


Lists information in comma-separated value (CSV) format. The --csv output can be used for scripting purposes and imported into spreadsheet programs.


Lists information without column titles.


Lists information in name-value pair (NVP) format, in the form ITEMNAME=VALUE. Argument names and information items are displayed flush left. The --nvp output is designed both for convenient viewing of what might otherwise be wide listings, and for parsing individual items for scripting purposes.


Turns on interactive paging.


Displays the unformatted version of column titles and data. For example, in the purearray monitor output, the unformatted version of column title us/op (read) is usec_per_read_op. The --raw output is used to sort and filter list results.


The puresmis command manages the Pure Storage Storage Management Initiative Specification (SMI-S) provider.

Enable the SMI-S provider to administer the array through an SMI-S client. The SMI-S provider is optional and must be enabled before its first use.

For more information about the SMI-S provider, including command usage and examples, refer to the Pure Storage SMI-S Provider Guide in the Pure Storage Knowledge Base at .


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