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pureconfig — displays commands required to reproduce an array's current volume, host, host group, connection, network, alert, and array configuration


pureconfig list




Displays an array's current configuration of volumes, hosts, shared and private connections, administrative network parameters, alert email addresses, and array parameters in the form of CLI commands that would be required to reproduce the configuration on a newly-installed or otherwise unconfigured array. (The output does not contain delete or destroy subcommands).

The output of this command can be captured on the administrative workstation and used as a script to configure a previously unconfigured array identically to the array on which the command is executed.

Executing the pureconfig list command is roughly equivalent to executing the following commands in sequence:

purevol list --cli
purehost list --cli
purehgroup list --cli
purehost list --connect --cli
purehgroup list --connect --cli
purenetwork list --cli
purealert list --cli
purearray list --cli


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