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About the Guide

The Pure Storage FlashArray User Guide is written for array administrators who view and manage the Pure Storage FlashArray™ storage system.

FlashArrays are administered through the Purity graphical user interface (GUI) or Purity command line interface (CLI). Users should be familiar with system, storage, and networking concepts, and have a working knowledge of Windows or UNIX.

Organization of the Guide

The guide is organized into the following major sections:

FlashArray Overview

Defines FlashArray storage capacity measurement and describes the physical and virtual objects managed by a FlashArray administrator.

Using the Purity GUI to Administer a FlashArray

Describes the use of the browser-based Purity™ graphical user interface (GUI) to administer a FlashArray.

Using the Purity CLI to Administer a FlashArray

Describes the Purity command line interface (CLI) and its use in FlashArray administration.

A Note on Format and Content

FlashArray technology is evolving rapidly. As with all advanced information technologies, once basic architecture is in place, implementation develops at different rates in its different facets, each preceded by feature-by-feature detailed design.

This edition of the guide describes the properties and behavior of arrays that run the Purity 4.10.5 release. It may include information about planned capabilities whose external form has been specified at the time of the release. Such material is included to provide users of this release with information for design planning purposes, and is subject to change as new functionality is implemented. Material relating to not-yet-implemented functionality is identified as such in the text.

Related Documentation

Refer to the following related guides to learn more about the FlashArray:

  • Pure Storage REST API Guide. The Pure Storage REpresentational State Transfer (REST) API uses HTTP requests to interact with the FlashArray resources. The Pure Storage REST API Guide provides an overview of the REST API and a list of all available resources.

  • Pure Storage SMI-S Provider Guide. Purity includes the Pure Storage Storage Management Initiative Specification (SMI-S) provider, which allows FlashArray administrators to manage the array using an SMI-S client over HTTPS. The Pure Storage SMI-S Provider Guide describes functionality the provider supports and information on connecting to the provider.

  • Third-party plugin guides. Pure Storage packages and plug-ins extend the functionality of the FlashArray. Available packages and plug-ins include, but are not limited to, VSS Hardware Provider, FlashArray OpenStack Cinder Volume Driver, FlashArray Storage Replication Adapter, Management Plugin for vSphere, and vRealize Operations Management Pack.

All related guides are available in the Pure Storage Knowledge Base at .

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