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Pure1 Support Portal

FlashArray User Guide

On this page you will find our user guides for The Pure FlashArray.  The User Guide specific to your array can be found by clicking "help" in the GUI: 


To browse the User Guide on this site for a different Purity Release, please select your version below.  We will keep the latest release online, older releases are available in PDF form below.

And if you're looking for PDF versions of the User Guides, you can find them here.  Please note that these versions are for the x.x.0 releases only.  The live version above is updated when there's a new release. 

Purity Version User Guide (PDF)
4.10.0 Purity 4.10.0 FlashArray UserGuide.pdf
4.9.0 Purity 4.9 FlashArray UserGuide.pdf
4.8.0 Purity 4.8 FlashArray UserGuide.pdf