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Pure Technical Services

Pure Storage COVID-19 Coronavirus Outbreak Technical Services Status and FAQ

Pure Storage COVID-19 Coronavirus Outbreak Technical Services Status and FAQ

joe-pinto.pngA message from Joe Pinto, Pure's Chief Customer Experience Officer: 

To our Pure customers and partners around the globe, please be rest assured we will continue to be operational during this time of uncertainty with COVID-19. We are continuing to monitor customer systems via Pure1. Our technical services engineers, along with our logistics and field service partners are prepared and will continue to serve our customers 24x7. Our service centers, logistics, and field service networks are operational, and we will be updating their status daily. We will be updating this article daily, or as critical changes occur. If you would like to receive email notifications whenever an update is made, bookmark our community page here.

Please stay safe and contact us if we can help in any way.

Best regards


Operational Status

Please see the following operations update of our Support Centers, Logistics Network, and Field Service Network:




Logistics and Field Services Country-Specific Updates

Country Criteria: Reported delays by vendors. If a country or locale is not listed, it is not currently impacted. 

Legend:  1111Delays May Occur1111  1Essential Services Only1  11111Not Operational11111

For countries marked as 1111111111 deliveries can be made only to businesses deemed essential. These are limited to Food, Pharmaceuticals, Medical Equipment, Groceries, Banks, Insurance & ATMs, Electronic Media, Telecommunications, and Internet Services. A letter may need to be provided by the end-user stating that they are an "essential business". Any link to the appropriate government directive will be provided as available.

Region Country Status Additional Notes Directive
APJ China.png China 1111111111 New territory to be added - Beijing impacted by delays. LINK
APJ India.png India 1111111111 Tamil Nadu lockdown reinstated fro`m 19-30 - Chennai depot not operational. All other depots are currently operational. LINK
APJ Philippines.png Philippines 1111111111   LINK
APJ Thailand.png Thailand 1111111111 Government estimating July 1 for complete reopening and lift of curfew. LINK
EMEA Gibraltar.png Gibraltar 1111111111   LINK
EMEA Saudi Arabia.png Saudi Arabia 1111111111   LINK
EMEA United Arab Emirates.png United Arab Emirates 1111111111 Territory re-added. Abu Dhabi travel restrictions may cause delays. LINK
LATAM Brazil.png Brazil 1111111111 Lockdowns in Rio de Janeiro (Niteroi, Belford Roxo, Nova Iguaçu and Duque de Caixas); Maranhão (São Luis, São Jose de Ribamar, Paço do Lumiar and Raposa); Pará (Belém, Ananindeua, Marituba, Benevides, Santa Bárbara) will impact delivery availability. LINK
LATAM Colombia.png Colombia 1111111111 4 hour deliveries will be delayed 1 additional hour, NBD deliveries will be delayed 1 additional day. LINK
LATAM Peru.png Peru 1111111111   LINK
LATAM Puerto Rico.png Puerto Rico 1111111111   LINK

You can also reach us 24x7 at: USA: 1 (866) 244-7121 || Global: +1-650-729-4088 || ||

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your current position because of the virus. Have you invoked your business continuity plan? 

We have a comprehensive Business Continuity and emergency readiness plan. Our global incident response team is monitoring the situation and remains in constant contact with our global team, including sales and our global supply chain partners. 

In addition, we have successfully performed global Business Continuity tests in the last several weeks to revalidate that our policies, procedures, and systems are working. Our Technical Services organization has successfully tested working remotely with no loss of effectiveness. We are prepared to serve our customers at full capability, regardless of where the work is taking place.

What precautionary measures have taken place?

Pure has taken a comprehensive approach to deal with the current crisis. Pure employees are taking all possible measures to safeguard themselves, and by extension, our customers. As mentioned above, we have successfully performed global Business Continuity tests in the last several weeks to revalidate that our policies, procedures, and systems are working. In addition, an emergency notification system has been activated and in use. We have also positioned additional replacement parts in countries impacted heavily by COVID-19, in anticipation of delays with transportation and customs.

Will any of the above cause you issues in supporting SLAs?

At this time, 99% of our logistics and field service operations are fully operational. Some delays are anticipated in locations where local governments implement tighter quarantine rules and travel restrictions. We will update the table above as new information becomes available.

Will you be providing weekly updates?

Pure will update this KB article with updates if and when there is a change in status.

What about your partners providing FRU replacement – what’s the situation?

We have daily calls with field and logistics partners and there have been no disruptions reported. Our global depots have extra stock to counter transportation and custom delays. 

In addition, we have in place a multi-continent supply chain strategy to source components and assemble our products. We continue to work closely with our extended supply chain partners to diligently monitor the developing situation and will react accordingly to maintain operations and fulfill our commitments to you.

The Pure team has daily calls to ensure we are aware of any potential delays or disruptions that could impact our customers. Should global conditions worsen, we are confident we can quickly respond to changing market dynamics, minimizing impacts to our business and disruptions to you. Your account team will stay in close contact and update you on any changes that may occur. 

Please see the Pure Storage COVID-19 Coronavirus Outbreak Response

Please direct any additional inquiries to